Udemy Adobe Premiere Pro Ultimate Beginner Course

We will talk in this post about the Udemy Adobe Premiere Pro that’s a video editor software. In it, we can easily edit any video and make any changes as we do not know how to use it. For this, we have brought a course that has from Udemy. We can download this video course by clicking on the link given below to download it. Here explain it in detail.

Udemy Adobe Premiere Pro

For Download Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (Activated)

How to Download and install Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (Activated)

In this course, we have learned how to setup Udemy Adobe Premiere Pro Basic. In addition to setting their window to their liking, they will also learn to set some folders in it. It will talk about some techniques right now and also about the audio setting. We will learn a lot from this for brand new people who do not know it.

Getting Started

  1. Setting Up Your First Amazing Project
  2. My Folder Organization for Daily Vlogging
  3. My Sequence and Project Organization for Daily Vlogging
  4. Organise & Import Content (GoPro, Drone, Smartphone, etc.)

My Techniques

  1. Basic Editing Tools I Use (Source & Timeline Panels)
  2. The Essentials to Effect Controls
  3. Edit Footage with Different Resolutions (4K Drone vs. 1080p GoPro)
  4. Use J-Cuts To Make Awesome Vlogs
  5. Create Simple Text & Shapes (In Minutes!)
  6. Create Adjustment Layers
  7. Colour Grade My Drone Footage Using LUTS
  8. Turn Your Vlog into a Movie with Rolling End Credits
  9. Story tell my Vlogs
  10. Jump Cut Like A Pro
  11. Zoom Cut (Simple Trick!)
  12. Use Speed Ramping To Make Awesome Drone Vlogs
  13. Premiere Pro CC 2020 How to Speed Ramp up to 20,000%
  14. Create Awesome Motion Graphics (in less than a minute)
  15. Make Animated Lower Thirds
  16. Record Amazing Voice-Over
  17. BUTTERY SMOOTH Slow Motion (Speed Ramping, Optical Flow)
  18. My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts (for fast editing!)
  19. Add Cinematic Top and Bottom Bars
  20. My 6 Awesome Editing Tips (that make a HUGE difference)

Everything Audio

  1. Make Your Audio Sound Awesome! (Basic Audio Mixing)
  2. Sync Footage to Music Beats (Awesome)
  3. Where I Get My Awesome Background Music From
  4. Copyright-Free Awesome Vlogging Music
  5. Epidemic Sound – Royalty Free Professional Music

The Incredible Toolbox

  1. Using the Selection Tool and Razor Tool
  2. The Track Selection Tool
  3. Ripple Edit and Rolling Edit Tool
  4. Using the Rate Stretch Tool

Rendering & Exporting

  1. The Best 1080p Export Settings for YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook (Highest Quality)
  2. Your Assignment

Bonus Learning

  1. Premiere Pro CC 2020 How to Auto Reframe Videos
  2. 5 Incredible Optimisation Tips for Premiere Pro CC
  3. Export Videos to Instagram (Quick Method)
  4. Batch Exporting Vlogs (using Adobe Media Encoder)
  5. How To Import Using Media Browser
  6. How to Apply Transitions Between Clips
Udemy-Adobe Premiere Pro Ultimate Beginner Course (3.63GB):
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