AutoCAD 2018-19 Complete course | Udemy

AutoCAD 2018-19 Complete course | Udemy training course

Who is this course for:
– For Architects
– For Civil Engineers
– For Interior Designers
– For Constructors, Mechanical Engineers, Furniture Designers – For Building
Engineering Systems Designers
– For Surveyors

AutoCAD 2018-19 Complete course

What you get after completing the course:
– Create from scratch a flat project of a 2-story cottage with a complex design. Correct and fast techniques, secrets, and algorithms.
– Create a 3D model of a cottage and a plot around it (in the course package “Certified Specialist”) + make a basic visualization in 3ds max!
– Save all the developments in a drawing template that standardizes and will speed up all your FUTURE projects in 2 times
– Learn to draw any simple, medium, and complex things in AutoCAD easily and without errors. It doesn’t matter in what area of ​​design you work.
– Learn to quickly and beautifully design any projects for presentation to customers.
– You will become a 200% demanded, highly paid designer, builder, designer, or engineer! Even during the crisis + the 2020 virus.

Course content section 1 . Important Basics for beginners in AutoCAD (no Homework)
– learn to move in space, work with a coordinate system
– Learn to work with snaps, tracking, and other modes
– Learn to create and edit layers – learn the basics of drawing using a simple drawing as an example

Section 2 . Dimensioning of drawings
– learn to put down easily and quickly any kind of dimensions, from linear to complex dimensional chains and basic dimensions.
– Explore the annotation for dimensions in detail.

For Download Autocad Software

Download Autodesk AutoCAD 2022.1.1 (1.73 GB):
With OneDrive |

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