Advantages of latest Technology within the geographical point:

The technology developments are serving to enhance the work environments and lifestyles of individuals in the workplace. Investments in the technology end up in worker motivation, well-being, high productivity, and growth for businesses that take the lead in its adoption.

Technology permits for operating remotely, that has shown to extend employee productivity operating remotely also offers a lot of flexibility for fogeys and young mothers Connecting with the most effective resources notwithstanding their location in the world External and internal communication is faster through emails, project management, co-working tools, and workplace productivity apps Helps save time, due to automation of redundant tasks Leaves time for a lot of innovation and growth connected conversations value savings because of computing technology that takes care of the repetitive tasks Less wastage of your time as a result of files are hold on on the cloud and might be searched simply due to technology, corporations can act faster, build faster decisions, and stay ability Less wastage and optimum usage of all different resources will be controlled observance of worker performance is created easier the advantages of Technology have return a protracted means

The twenty-first century is simply eighteen years old, and that we have seen a revolutionary blast of technology. folks are most accustomed to technology that one cannot even imagine living while not a smartphone or their laptop. From our food to our education, conversion has been worn out each field doable disadvantages: an excessive amount of knowledge is being circulated, and not all corporations take full responsibility for handling user data – this ends up in several data breaches and privacy problems

Anonymity, split personalities and pretend personas Technology and access to data during a central location have given rise to new types of crimes and terrorism. reliance on technology has inflated social anxiety, wherever folks are lighter human activity with others through messages and chat apps, however not physically an excessive amount of content, gaming, and indoor activities have wedged however people live their lives – successively resulting in high blubber rates, a lot of health issues, and new kinds of addictions

Over-dependence on gadgets Our spans are dropping – the typical attention span of humans recently born to eight sec from twelve sec within a previous couple of years. corporations like Facebook and Snapchat argue that a two sec/3 sec video watch time ought to be thought-about a “valid” read as a result of attention spans on their platforms are terribly less. Isn’t that scary? Family distancing – folks within the same area don’t consult with every other, however solely to their devices Social isolation and loneliness

Laziness and lives of convenience Technology is wiping out happiness – wherever most are running towards getting more, and not being grateful for what they possess (Here are some life quotes for motivation) Virtual experiences are taking preference of real physical experiences – with technology advancements, we’re occupancy associate era wherever we’ll forget to decipher between what’s real and what’s unreal.

Negative Impact of Technology on Work-Life :

an outsized a part of the workforce get replaced with new technology inflicting state in some cases (computers was a term that cited job titles that folks possessed) With people carrying their work laptops home and checking work emails at home, whereas sleeping, once waking up, within the bathroom, there’s a gap left between family and work-life an excessive amount of data, however, no knowledge, people flick through thousands of news things every day, however, none of it’s preserved to some extent wherever it becomes knowledge.

technology and its Hazards to Life:

a lot of accidents on the roads because of accessibility of vehicles and simple movements Nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction are at a point that they will wipe out humanity if a world conflict escalates to a point of no come business production of food, and daily social unit items, is inflicting several health problems, and making a sick and a weak work forever in want of the care system the economic age has the lead USA to climate hazards, warming and an impure setting

Like everything in life, technology ought to be questioned and checked out from a moral, moral, and personality lens. we want to require responsibility and possession of wherever we tend to steer the technological advancements to still be useful to the goodness within the world. something that raises an eyebrow, or question marks; should be reconsidered.

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