Internet Download Manager (Activated)

Internet Download Manager 6.39.2 is a program that helps you manage your downloads from the Internet. It uses several methods to speed up file downloads, such as dynamic segmentation and simultaneous download of multiple parts using open connections without reconnecting or splitting finished files into pieces for later processing by other programs. In addition, it supports firewalls, proxies, and mirrors; FTP/HTTP protocols; redirects; cookies (for both browser types); accounts with user authorization settings for different servers, etc., all through an integrated interface in popular browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

internet download manager 6.38.1 idm

What’s new in version 6.39.2

Changes in version:

  • The full IDM list can now be searched by pressing F3 on the keyboard when closing SearchBar.
  • Fixed loading problems for several types of video streams.
  • Improved interception of downloads
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved integration with browsers
  • Fixed problems with downloading from multiple sites
  • Fixed bugs

IDM allows several different devices to download files from the internet, including proxies, FTP and HTTP protocols, redirects, firewalls, authorization cookies audio-video content processing. IDM is included in Microsoft Internet Explorer MSN Explorer Mozilla AOL Netscape Opera. It is an additional feature or plugin for all other popular browsers that will automatically handle your downloads without any user input required.

There are several benefits to using HughesNet over other satellite internet providers. For one, users can rest assured that they will not be throttled or subjected to a fair access policy (FAP). This is because this particular provider does not have any form of FAPs in place for their subscribers. Furthermore, an included download accelerator also speeds up downloads considerably and ensures smooth sailing throughout the process!

  • Silent installation of the regular version: / S / I
  • Silent installation of portable version: / S / P

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)

Download Internet Download Manager 6.39.3 (9.71MB)

Download Internet Download Manager 6.39.2 (9.71MB)

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  1. how i can download english version

  2. Hi,
    Every time I tried to download the .exe file google chrome block the installation. Can you please provide the software in WinRAR form.

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