SpeedTest Ookla Premium (adfree)

Speedtest Premium is very easy and very easy to use, it is a one-touch system used to inspect the speed of the Internet on our mobiles or any other device on which we are using the Internet. SpeedTest is appraising one of the No 1 apps in the world, and many other telecom companies use it officially for inspecting the speed of the Internet.

Speedtest ookla Premium

As soon as we open the Speedtest Premium, we have a go button, and as soon as we click it, it began testing the speed automatically, and after some time we have download speed, upload speed, and ping speed show on our screen. There is also a lot of detail about network suppliers. We can give feedback on it and do the SpeedTest again at the same time.

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WHAT’S NEW SpeedTest Premium

In the latest update, Speedtest Premium has also initiated a VPN in which we can open by touch. VPN has many applications and websites which are not allowed and blocked as well in our country. VPN function is accessible in a paid version and that is available on Fileac. it’s a paid application that you can download and use the VPN feature. The download button is available at the end of the post from where you can download this application. And with that, You can very easily download and install it on your phone.

TThe third thing in it is that we can save the result of the SpeedTest that we do and we can see it at any time. That is a trouble-free application that is mainly using by people who want to know the speed of the net. We have a result option like the one which is shown in the picture below.

It has a tool option as well that we can check in the coverage map to see where we live and what network signals we have got by this test. This leads to show us like 3g 4g and 5G signals are coming to our place. That permits us to buy any SIM, which is very easy. If we don’t know which sign is happening to us, then we cannot choose or select any network.


  • See your download, upload, and ping speeds
  • Real-time graphs show connection stability
  • Troubleshoot issues and check if the speed you promised is available
  • Track past tests with detailed reporting
  • Easily share your results
Download Ookla Speedtest Premium 4.5.35 for (41 MB):

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