Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks: Your Engagic Link Building List

What backlinks are the best backlinks? The answer to this question is subjective. Some backlinks may be better than others for your specific goals, but it’s hard to know which backlink will work best for you without doing some research first. That’s why we put together this list of 18 sites that offer backlinks – one site for each letter in the alphabet! We hope these links help you find what works best for your needs.

Linking is a very important aspect of SEO, and if you are looking to build backlinks, you should know where to do so. Backlink building can be difficult, but if your goal is link equity, then it’s worth the extra effort. Here is a list of the Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks for building linkings.

Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks


01. MyBlogU

Site URL:

Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks

MyBlogU is a place for bloggers, journalists, and writers to find experts to add value to their content. This makes it easy on the writer because they don’t have to go out looking for quotes or sources but can just focus on what’s important: adding new insights! The vast majority of website owners using MyBlogU will reward your expert quote contribution with a followed backlink – so by joining this community you’ll be helping build quality links while also building up those relationships too


Site URL:


HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is one of the most popular and highly-trafficked journalistic platforms. It’s easy to find opportunities here for followed backlinks if you have time, which is a great site with lots of potentials that requires your full attention in order not just respond but get useful quotes from journalists who use it often enough so they know what questions are going on around town when their article needs clarification or more context about something related within its topic area already written by someone else elsewhere online before yours begins printing/airing etc.

I am experiencing some difficulties using this service because my workload was too much while also trying new things outside work

3. SourceBottle

Site URL:

Maybe you’ve heard of SourceBottle? You can get free publicity by responding to media queries from bloggers, journalists, and writers. It’s mainly targeted at Australian-based sources but I have never had an issue using it when based in Italy–and they’re open worldwide! Sign up for their query emails Delivered To Your Inbox (QEI) so that your work is seen more often than ever before.

4. Business 2 Community (B2C)

Site URL:

Businesses have a wealth of information at their fingertips with the help of this community. They can contribute as bloggers by writing posts or uploading white papers that are available through Advertising on behalf of businesses looking to share some helpful content, but one must follow Business 2 Community guidelines if they want backlinks from B2C visitors!

This article covers how following certain rules will allow you to maximize your chances when posting and syndicating blog articles within this thriving hub for business professionals who want more exposure across various social media sites such as Twitter (Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks).

5. BizSugar

Site URL:

If you’re a small business owner, BizSugar is an excellent tool for building your brand and gaining exposure. It’s one of our favorite platforms because we can’t get enough content from them! It will take some time to familiarize yourself with how everything works but if that sounds interesting then definitely go ahead and sign up today-you won’t regret it (and there might even be free traffic).

6. GrowthHackers

Site URL:

This is the perfect place for growth hackers! This community lets you post original content and also share or syndicate other people’s work that can make good food in a discussion-driven environment. Not only does it reward posters with followed links, but this group has tons of opportunities to engage with one another through comments on each others’ posts as well. To build up your backlink from GrowthHackers by starting just contributing actively within these discussions – there are no guarantees about getting credit unless something major happens like an article being published after yours; so why not help contribute high-quality feedback before requesting anything official?


Site URL:

This is a very simple service that allows you to publish your website. You know, the one-page site with all of its content and links on it? Just like how Pen .io lets anyone create an anonymous page for announcements or competitions without any backlinks needed!

8. “Write for Us” Sites (Guest Posting)

Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure for your brand and build valuable backlinks. Guest posts can be simple, as long as you do your research! Search Google for sites in the niche that welcome guest contributions from other authors by searching “write us” content marketing; restrict this search term with keywords like “allow followed”. Once narrowed down (or expanded), make sure not only are these blogs accepting submissions but also allow them so we know where all potential opportunities lie: email or pitch quality articles tailored specifically towards their audience – there’s no point writing something nobody wants to be read.

9. Resource Pages

Resource pages are sites out there that collect helpful resources on specific topics. One example is the breastfeeding and parenting resource page I’ve added to my motherhood blog: These listings are editorial, making for some great backlinks! Once you’ve located a relevant site’s list of links (to other websites such as yours), use these link building techniques to request inclusion into their listing via posting an article about what your company does–or even just sending them one email telling them how much value it would add if they featured YOUR business instead.

For instance, let us say we have a medical supply store called ‘Goodies For Nurses’. If someone from this website was looking at another healthcare-related blog that had been ranking well during September but

10. DeviantArt

Site URL:

DeviantArt used to allow followed links in journal entries until circa 2011, but then it changed the system. All external links were redirected from https://www2.deviantart-linkedin4realzcom/followed_links/. This means that you can no longer leverage Deviant Art for SEO purposes and will have a difficult time getting quality traffic from them again–unless of course if you are willing to spend some time building up an engaging community or earning paid commissions as an artist by keeping things personal and constant!

11. Tumblr

Site URL:

The outgoing Tumblr links are all redirects since 2016. The platform remains a great resource for no-follow backlinks traffic and community building.

12. LinkedIn

Site URL:

With no follow backlinks from LinkedIn posts, you won’t get an SEO boost. But the community is strong and can be used to put your content in front of many eyes—especially if one also leverages Groups on there!

My advice? Use syndicated content for discussion with a call-to-action at its end that leads people into conversion (CTA). Encourage this type of conversation by leaving comments under each post too; it’s more important when those aren’t enabled because they don’t allow anyone bypassing them straight onto their homepage without reading anything else first.

13. Medium

Site URL:

How would you like to be a writer for Medium? If your content is good, readers will be triggered by it and want more information. With backlinks in all of the major social media platforms as well as an easy-to-use platform with minimal barriers for publishing or syndicating articles across networks; there’s never been an easier way to produce quality content that gets seen by thousands!

14. Quora

Site URL:

This is a site where anyone can ask questions and get answers. It’s also an excellent platform to build authority because you have the opportunity for people to know who they should go to when there’s something that needs answering in their life or career field (and if your responses add backlinks too then this will grow even quicker).

15. Growth Hub

Site URL:

Growth Hub is the go-to place for any topic related to growth. You can share or syndicate content, post your own advice on how bests to connect with customers, etc., and stay up to date with all of our latest blog posts!

GrowthHut has become an essential hub in connecting marketers who are looking into new ways to find leads online as well as providing them accesses to some recent research that will help their campaigns flourish even more than before

16. SocialSpark

Site URL:

Social Spark has been a great way for me, as well as other bloggers to get featured in relevant social media. Social Spark provides tags that are linked through Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Creates good promotion and traffic from their blog posts being labeled at the top of searches related keywords with your brand name.
The only problem is when you don’t use these tools correctly or follow all instructions given by company staff members who work on this site 24/7. Simply “to make it easier” instead of making things more complicated than necessary just so they can charge extra fees without offering value

17. SoundCloud

Site URL:

Top 18 Sites Get Backlinks the number 17 is SoundCloud is a great place to start if you’re looking for ways of gaining exposure and promoting your music. Consider starting up an original podcast, or joining one that gives backlinks in episode descriptions!

18. Cool Blog Comments

Your blog comments are not new when it comes to SEO techniques, and they’re usually avoided by bloggers because of spam.
But if you create engagement with your readership in order for them. It is helpful or valuable enough then someone might reach out inviting guest posts on their site! You never know what could happen so always strive hard at creating high-quality discussions that will trigger opportunities.

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