The June Android update carries energizing new highlights to Google’s Pixel gadgets:

Photographs bolted organizer

This is one of the highlights I’ve been restless about. Sadly, even with two Pixel telephones (one running the beta of Google Pixel 12 and the other running Android 11, I still can’t seem to see this component show up). I’m somewhat baffled—particularly given the component should drop for all Pixel gadget clients in this update.

That being said, some fortunate clients will track down the new Photos application Locked Folder highlight to be priceless.

What does the Locked Folder highlight do? Precisely your opinion: it permits you to store explicit photographs behind secret key verification. This implies you could take delicate photographs (like those particular to your work), lock them behind a secret phrase and have confidence those photographs will not be seen by intrusive eyes, except if the proprietor of said eyes realizes the secret word you’ve set.

On the off chance that you’ve refreshed to the most recent fix, you may discover the Locked Photo highlight in Photos | Utilities | Locked Folder. As I referenced before, neither of my Android gadgets presently can’t seem to get the Locked Folder highlight, despite the fact that my Android 11 Pixel gadget shows it’s running the June security update.

Ideally, your Pixel gadget has the component, in light of the fact that, for those hoping to add a touch of safety to their photographs, this is a distinct advantage. Since photographs put away in the Locked Folder are just put away locally, you will not need to stress over anybody accessing them by means of the Cloud rendition of the help.


Albeit this component will not be very useful to organizations, Android is getting a truly fascinating Astrophotography mode, called “Astrolapse.” To utilize the element you should put your telephone on a mount, as it must be totally still. You then, at that point open Night Sight and tap the shade button. When the telephone begins recording, permit it a lot of time (a moment or thereabouts) to snap pictures of the night sky. Whenever you’re fulfilled it’s taken enough photographs, tap the shade button again and Android will assemble an awesome picture with a vivified brilliant setting.

In case you’re in the right area—with a lot of stars overhead—the aftereffects of Astrolapse can be very staggering.

Other new highlights and fixes

Outside of the standard assortment of weakness fixes, the Android June highlight drop incorporates a couple of more special rewards, for example,

Pride Month backdrops:

A little assortment of backdrop pictures observing Pride Month

Auto accident location:

More nations currently support the Google Pixel-just fender bender recognition highlight

Heads up strolling alert:

You’ll presently get an admonition when strolling with your telephone and you’re going to pummel into something—or be hammered into

Aide calls:

You would now be able to answer your telephone with “Hello Google, answer the call,” or reject a call with “Hello Google, reject call”

Gboard clipboard upgrades:

The Google Gboard console currently has a more intelligent clipboard, which perceives telephone numbers, email locations, and URLs and is fit for parsing them thusly

Call Screen:

Now accessible in Japan

It is anything but a colossal rundown of new highlights, however some of them ought to be viewed as long late, for example, the Locked Folder choice in Google Photos. Try to go to Settings | System | Advanced | System Update to check and check whether your gadget is prepared for the June highlight drop. Assuming this is the case, apply it and appreciate the new increments.

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