Google has planned Android 11 to be about correspondence, so the greatest new highlights all identify with notices, visit applications, and other discussion related frameworks.

Visit bubbles in reality originally showed up in Android 10. Be that as it may, out of the blue, Google didn’t focus on them and they blurred away from plain sight when the steady form of the working framework dispatched. Presently, however, visit bubbles are here in Android 11 and taking the focus stage.

If you’ve at any point utilized Facebook Messenger on Android, you definitely realize how visit bubbles work. With Messenger, a “visit head” shows up on your telephone that overlays on top of essentially every other application. A speedy tap of the symbol dispatches the talk and afterward you can limit the visit back to a symbol. Finished with the discussion? You can eliminate the talk head until the following discussion begins.

This is by and large how the framework wide air pocket include works, with the solitary significant contrast being that it can work for any talk application, not simply Messenger or other applications that have a comparable plan.

Android 11 screen recorder

Considering that, a local screen recorder inside Android 11 may appear to be somewhat late to the gathering, however, it’s actually energizing. All things considered, this is presently one less application you’ll have to download.

It’s somewhat late to the gathering, yet this new screen recording highlight is a welcome expansion.
. You tap the Screen Record highlight which gives you a couple of choices before you begin recording.

The entire thing is oversimplified, however it takes care of business. On the off chance that you need an all the more completely highlighted screen recorder, you can generally stay with your #1 outsider application. For a great many people, however, this local application ought to be okay.

Media controls

On the off chance that you are playing music on your Android 10 telephone, a music player shows up at the highest point of your notices cabinet. .This clears a path more sense since the media regulator isn’t actually a notice — it’s an instrument or even a smaller than usual app.When you swipe down your warning cabinet, the media regulator will be tiny. It will show you the application it’s identified with, cover craftsmanship, fundamental controls, and on which framework the media is playing. On the off chance that you pull down again on the cabinet, the alarm grows and shows the data you find in the picture above.

In a pleasant touch, you can tap on the playback framework (“Phone speaker” in the picture above) and rapidly push the sound or video out to an alternate framework. This will make it unimaginably simple to change from your telephone speaker to your Bluetooth earphones, for instance.

Try not to need the player up there any longer? You can swipe it away actually like you used to. You can likewise change Android 11’s settings so the player naturally disappears when you have quit paying attention to music (or stay there constantly, it’s up to you!).Smart gadget controls

An ever increasing number of individuals are joining some type of savvy home tech in their lives. Because of this developing pattern, Google added another segment in Android 11 that permits you to effortlessly control your different gadgets without expecting to open an app.. At the top, you’ll track down the typical force highlights, however under, you’ll see much more alternatives. There’s a Google Pay alternate route that permits you to rapidly pick which installment strategy you need your next contactless exchange to utilize. Under that, you’ll see a lot of catches associated with your different keen home items.

Android 11 will pre-populate this field with six of your gadgets, however you can add/eliminate gadgets as you see fit. Whichever gadgets you choose, you can tap them to turn lights on or off, check your surveillance cameras, open your front entryway, and so on Not any more opening three separate applications to do that load of things!

Shockingly, some OEMs aren’t receiving this element. Samsung, for instance, actually has the typical force catches on this page with no shrewd home controls. Different organizations are moving the controls to different segments of the OS. By chance, Google is giving you the choice to eliminate the long-press of the force button alternate route in Android 12, so this entire element will change soon.

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