Electrical Calculations PRO

Electrical Calculations PRO 7.10.2 program is intended for electrical computations that are utilized in crafted by a circuit tester.


Estimation of wire cross-area

Computation of voltage drop

Computation of amperage

Voltage computation

Dynamic force

Clear force

Receptive force


Force factor estimation

• Resistance estimation • Maximum wire length

• Current conveying limit of protected conductors

• Current conveying limit uncovered conductors

• Busbar limit

• Filling of link channels

• Selection of electrical switch

• Allowable energy throughput of the link (K? S?)

• Operating current

• Reactive opposition

• Impedance

• Compensation of responsive force

• Compensation of responsive force of MV/LV transformer

• Reactive force of capacitors at various voltages

• Grounding framework

• Short circuit current

• Min. impede (surmised strategy)

• Short circuit current of substation transformer

• Conductor obstruction

• Calculation of link temperature

• Power misfortune in links

• Color code of a resistor

• Color code of inductance

• Color worth of resistors

• SMD resistor codes

• Capacitor coding

• Inductance codes

• Fuses

• Resistor association

• Capacitor association

• Resonant recurrence

• Voltage divider

• Current splitter

• Zener diode (Zener diode) as a voltage controller

• Damping resistor

• Resistor for LED

• Battery run time

• Primary/Secondary transformer

• Antenna length

• Disk space and data transmission mini-computer for CCTV frameworks

• Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, thermocouples… )

• Analog sign qualities

• Joule impact

circuit deficiency


Engine current

• Motor force

• Motor voltage

• Motor force factor (COP)

• Motor proficiency

• Three-stage to single-stage engine

• Capacitor beginning of a solitary stage engine

• Motor speed

• Motor slip

• Maximum force

• Motor full burden current

• Three-stage engine circuit (6 leads from the winding)

• Three-stage engine circuit (9 leads from the winding)

• Three-stage engine circuit (12 leads from the winding )

Motor protection class


• Power change

• American wire measure AWG/mm?

• SWG change table

• Section change

• Length change

• Voltage change (Amplitude)

• Sin/cos/tan/?

• Energy change

• Temperature change

• Pressure change

• Ah/kWh

transformation • Var/μF

change • Gauss/Tesla

change • RPM transformation (rpm) – rad/s – m/s

• Torque


Change pieces and bytes

• Conversion of point measures

• Utilization classifications of circuits

• UL/CSA intertwine class

• Standard resistor esteems

• Current-time qualities

• Cable reactance

table • Resistivity and conductivity

table • Standard voltage drop table

• Cable sizes and loads

• Protection classes IP

• Atex markings

• Device classes

• CCTV endorsements

• Color codes and thermocouple information

• ANSI standard codes

• Electrical images

• Worldwide power

• Plug and attachment types

• IEC 60320 connectors

• C-formed attachments (IEC 60309)

• Nema connectors

• Wire shading coding

• SI prefixes

• Measurement units

• Pipe measurements

• Ethernet links (RJ-45)

• Ethernet with PoE support

• RJ-9,11,14,25,48

• Pinout

• Fiber-optic link shading coding

• Formulas

Changes in adaptation 7.10.2

Greek language (by Evangelos Derventzis)

Macedonian language (by Dragan? O Velkov)

Czech language (by JohanyXcz)

Improved on Chinese language (by WQ and lesbian)

Azerbaijani language (by Miryaqub Nuriyev)

Ukrainian language (by Bohdan)

Fix: Minor bug fix

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